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Who We Are?

Since 1998 Medi-Corp has been providing medical billing and coding services, nationwide, specializing in anesthesiology. The Medi-Corp billing software has been developed with the users in mind to make it more efficient and user friendly. It has specific modules for anesthesia, that provide anesthesia concurrency, anesthesia units, anesthesia codes, expected anesthesia reimbursement rates and reports that meet the needs of many anesthesia business consultants.

Although, classified as an anesthesia billing service, we provide medical billing services for many other specialties, as our practice management software is adept at maximizing reimbursements and increasing cash flow across all lines of business surgical centers, pain management, chiropractic, etc.

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What We Do?


Medi has a commitment to its clients, employees and insurance companies to ensure all business decisions are based on the principles of honesty and integrity. Medi constantly strives to exceed the standards established in the HIPAA and Compliance guidelines and works to empower employees to make ethical decisions in their dealings with clients, patients and each other. Our shared vision and professional ethics unites us, creating a solid partnership that will allow us to develop stability and financial health.

As a Third-Party Billing Agency, Medi has developed systematic means of analyzing industry demands and developing practice protocols that best fit our client’s needs. Medi’s close relationship and personalized service with our clients is the foundation of our business model. Medi is always searching for ways to improve our quality of service and help our clients grow by tailoring the multitude of services that we provide to fit their individual business challenges. Our senior staff will work cohesively with your staff members to develop a customized plan to minimize compliance risks and implement best practices to achieve and exceed overall billing, coding and compliance expectations.

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Why Us?

Medi-Corp, Inc. provides a complete revenue cycle management solution, offering clients billing services, receivable financing, practice management software, and consulting services.

In a healthcare industry that is constantly evolving, our extensive knowledge and over twenty five years of experience in the field allows us to maximize your revenue and profitability.

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Our team

Medi-corp. Inc provides a complete revenue cycle management solution.