Medical billing software

Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software

Innovative Billing Software for Hospitals & Doctors

The healthcare industry constantly transforms at a rapid pace. Medical practitioners may find it increasingly difficult to keep up with demands, maximize revenue, and maintain compliance – all at the same time. This is where Medi-Corp’s proprietary medical billing software comes in. Whether you are a private practice that has elected to facilitate your own in-house billing or you are searching for a new revenue cycle management system, we have got you covered.

A Tailored Solution for Your Medical Billing

Medi-Corp helps our valued clients determine what is best suited for their medical billing needs. Our billing software was built from the ground up. This allows our clients, who specialize in anesthesiology, to optimize their billing reimbursement and revenue cycle management (RCM) processes. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that our billing solution offers limitless scalability. Our software works for both commercial and private anesthesia billing operations.

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User-Friendly Dashboard

In the healthcare industry, vast amounts of data are being handled daily. From administrative to financial information and electronic medical records (EMRs) to length of stay (LOS), the list goes on. There is a plethora of information necessary for operating an established medical facility. Clearly, professionals dealing with this information want to gain more insight of the data obtained. That is why our medical billing software has a user-friendly dashboard creates a more informed picture of your organization, i.e. making it more performance-transparent while you breeze through an intuitive interface.

Our next-gen dashboard can aggregate data from multiple sources and provide an in-depth view of your company’s most important performance metrics. Your team will appreciate the ability to be so agile in analyzing data.

Patient Check-in

When problems arise during claims submission, the follow-up process can be time-consuming and costly. Our medical billing software aims to eliminate that and improve your revenue cycle management. Since our inception, we have built an extensive network of reputable payors across the United States. Our company maintains a proactive stance when it comes to following up with payors and patients alike. Our software actively reviews outstanding balances, helping you generate more revenue at each point of contact made with a patient or payor.


Medical Appointment Scheduling

When you use our healthcare and medical billing software, Medi-Corp assigns a dedicated compliance officer to you. Our officers are trained to gather feedback from compliance, coding, and billing staff members that may require assistance. If there is a need for client education, our compliance officers will inform you via email alerts. Medi-Corp is dedicated to helping our clients achieve billing success, thus regularly provides professional advice pertaining to compliance, practice management, billing, coding, and more!

Put the Lid on Regulatory Risk

Our advanced medical billing software protects your healthcare institution against fraud allegations and overbilling. It has come to light that some prestigious facilities treat anesthesia billing as a commodity.
To them, billing did not require specialized oversight. Medi-Corp continually strives to ensure that our valued clients do not make the same mistake.
Anesthesiology billing is a complex minefield of potential problems. Our billing software can help reduce the regulatory risk that comes with it.

Top Features of Medi-Corp’s Revenue Cycle Management Software

Some of the features included in the software:

  • All EDI Mapping Software Included
  • Interface with Crystal Reports, Excel, etc.
  • Decision Support System
  • Data Import from Labs, Hospitals, etc. (HL7-compatible)
  • Claim Scrubbing Module
  • Transaction and Patient Entry (Real time and batch)
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling
  • Data Dictionary
  • HCFA and UB92 billing
  • Electronic submission to WebMD, Express Bill, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.
  • Payment Appeal and Letter Writing System
  • Patient Follow-up System (via our proprietary TrackIt! module)
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Pre-Authorization Tracking
  • Notes/Reminder System based on Insurance, Transaction, Doctor
  • Payment Monitoring System by Insurance Carrier
  • Flexible Reporting System
  • Data Export
  • SQL and Query Capabilities
  • Wireless/Email Notification System
  • Claim Eligibility and Status Checking (Certified by InstaMed)
  • HIPAA and ANSI compliant
  • 837/835 ANSI Transaction Sets (EDIFECS certified)

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