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Maximize Your Revenue and Profitability

Medi-Corp offers anesthesia and ASC billing services as well as practice management software to maximize reimbursements and increase cash flow across all lines of business including Anesthesia, Pain and Ambulatory Surgical Centers across the United States.

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    Providing a Complete Revenue Cycle Management Solution

    In a healthcare industry that is constantly evolving, our extensive knowledge and over 25 years of experience in the field allows us to maximize your revenue and profitability.

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    25 Years Experience in Anesthesia, ASC and Pain Management Medical Billing

    Since 1998 Medi-Corp has been providing medical billing and coding services, nationwide, specializing in anesthesiology and ambulatory surgical centers. The Medi-Corp billing software has been developed with the users in mind to make it more efficient and user friendly. It has specific modules for anesthesia, that provide anesthesia concurrency, anesthesia units, anesthesia codes, expected anesthesia reimbursement rates and reports that meet the needs of many anesthesia business consultants.

    Medi-Corp improves RCM workflows with Innovative Software

    Improved RCM Workflow

    Medi-Corp will utilize our Workflow Management System (WMS) to track, trend and report on deficient documentation. Ensuring that we’re able to monitor and improve your RCM Workflow.

    Workflow Management System (WMS)

    Our WMS tracks data for issue trending, response rate, response type, and turnaround time to better optimize your billing workflow from end to end.

    Innovative Software For Hospitals & Doctors

    Our billing software was built for clients who specialize in anesthesiology and surgical centers. Allowing Hospitals & Doctors to optimize billing reimbursement and revenue cycle management (RCM) processes.

    Software Features

    Our next-gen software has many great features for your practice to take advantage of:
    • User-Friendly Dashboard
    • Medical Appointment Scheduling
    • Patient Follow-up
    • Payment Monitoring System by Insurance Carrier
    • Payment Appeal and Letter Writing System

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