Medical Billing Services

Outsource Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Charge Receipt & Coordination

We kick off the medical billing process with the receipt of charges, which are logged into our ‘tracker module’. This module attaches a ‘unique’ system initiated number that will be permanently attached to a specific batch and each encounter there within. This unique number allows us to maintain audit controls and successfully track the life of a claim, while capturing and analyzing turnaround times between receipt of a charge and a claim submission.

Medi Corp’s charge verification process begins with receipt of a charge batch. We then perform a thorough reconciliation of charges between the number of patients and a finalized (OR) / patient schedule.

Generally, turnaround time is dependent upon the provider’s mandated record completion protocols. Ideally, we require a minimum of three business days to generate a claim. However, depending on the volume, we can process charges within 24 hours from receipt.

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Medical Coding & Documentation Review

Medi Corp requires that all coders maintain certification through an approved certifying board. All our coders are Certified Professional Coders (CPC) through the American Academy of Professional coders (AAPC). Medi understands the importance of accuracy and the compliance risk associated with coders, therefore we finance mandatory continuing education that far exceeds the standard required by their certifications. This is accomplished by sending our coding staff to conferences, as well as requiring them to attend monthly webinar.

Our medical coding process begins with the receipt of the complete documentation that is relevant to the services for which were rendered.


Improving Your Revenue Cycle Management Workflow

Medi Corp will utilize local CMS guidelines for coding and documentation review and other carrier’s regulations when applicable to an encounter. Accurate source documentation is integral to a practice’s compliance regulation, as well as maximizing and maintaining revenue viability. However, this process is dependent upon a clinician’s commitment to clear and concise documentation.

The major contributing factor to ‘held’ charges is derived from the lag time of which it takes a provider to respond to our request.The implementation of an EHR  will eliminate deficient documentation by capturing all critical elements necessary to submit a ‘clean’ and compliant claim.  However, charges that cannot be processed due to missing pertinent information and our anesthesia concurrency conflict will be returned to the client.  Medi Corp will utilize our Workflow Management System (WMS) to track, trend and report on deficient documentation. The method of communication is exchanged in a secure platform hosted on our internal security controls.  The process will be implemented as follows:


Our Workflow Management System (WMS)

  • Create individual workflow access by provider to Medi Corp’s secure system (unique username and password) and access workflow directly on our WMS module
  • Provider to access communicated issues with charts (with access to scan documentation as source reference, as well as easy amended record capture)
  • Inputted data tracked by WMS for issue trending, response rate, response type, and turnaround time
  • Develop ‘scorecard report’ by WMS
  • Kick-off secure email notification to provider, designated facility staff, and Medi Corp’s staff for management oversight
  • Medi Corp’s system notification when workflow is completed and ready for review by Medi coder
  • Track and reported outstanding workflow based on ‘pre-determined’ notification sequence
  • Validated changes are entered and submitted for payment
  • Documentation Deficiency Reporting (DDR) available to HPA executive board members
  • Document sharing via certified encrypted architecture