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Today, managing the business side of a medical practice has become more expensive and time- consuming. If you are running a private practice and looking to get a new anesthesia medical billing service, Medi-Corp, Inc. is the anesthesia billing company for you. Above all, our detail-oriented team thoroughly understands all the codes and modifiers pertaining to anesthesia billing. In conclusion, we can help you improve your revenue and maximize your collections. You can learn more about Medi-Corp’s revenue cycle management solutions and anesthesia billing expertise by sending an email to or calling (877)-684-9114.

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Medi-Corp Is A Leading Anesthesia Billing Company

Firstly, no one understands anesthesia billing like Medi-Corp does. Our team comprises AAPC-certified coding specialists, which also possesses unmatched expertise in anesthesiology. Secondly, when you work with us, you never have to worry about the possibility of leaving potential revenue on the table. Thirdly, and most importantly, you can count on the Medi-Corp team to improve the efficiency of your anesthesia practice as well as ensure total transparency and accurate reporting at all times.

 You can learn more about Medi-Corp’s anesthesia billing services and solutions by sending an email to or calling (877)-684-9114.

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Our Anesthesia Billing Solutions

Since our inception, Medi-Corp has helped a great array of anesthesiologists with our anesthesia billing solutions to increase their cash flows as well as reduce bad debts. Below is a quick look at the anesthesia billing solutions we provide and our expertise in anesthesia billing:

Proprietary software

Proprietary Medical Billing Software

Stay abreast of ever-changing payer reimbursement policies with our
proprietary anesthesia billing and coding software.

Revenue Cycle Management:

Revenue Cycle Management

Medi-Corp specializes in anesthesia-dedicated revenue cycle. We can prevent errors that affect your ability to collect.

Full AQI and PQRS Reporting:

Full AQI & PQRS Reporting

AQI and PQRS reporting can get a bit tricky.Allow us to guide you through the entire process.

EHR Services and Integraion:

EHR Integration & Services

A successful anesthesia billing strategy starts with implementing the right EHR for your needs.

Customized Reporting:

Customized Medical Billing Reporting

Get comprehensive and highly customizable reports from our anesthesia billing software!

Why Do You Need Anesthesia Medical Billing Services?

It’s true. Anesthesia billing is tedious.

However, this form of medical billing is critical to the success of your operations. Every dollar you take home must be collected and billed first. Moreover, it is pertinent that anesthesiologists understand the collections and billing process at a high level. That’s why you need anesthesia medical billing services.

This way, they can ask the right questions and ensure that they are getting what they are being paid for. All in all, getting anesthesia and medical billing services is a stellar way to increase revenue for one’s practice.

Anesthesia billing services

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Anesthesia Coding Software & Services

Medi Corp is the anesthesiology billing company for you as we employ 100% AAPC-certified coding specialists and offer an innovative anesthesia coding software and billing systems to ensure you receive your reimbursements in an efficient matter. Our anesthesia medical billing services are industry leading and our experts are knowledgeable around how to improve your revenue cycle.

To learn more around our anesthesia billing company services, contact us here or by sending an email to or calling (877)-684-9114.


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Maximize Your Revenue and Profitability

Medi-Corp offers anesthesia and ASC billing services as well as practice management software to maximize reimbursements and increase cash flow across all lines of business including Anesthesia, Pain and Ambulatory Surgical Centers across the United States.

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