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Pain Management Medical Billing Services

Established medical practitioners may need to handle millions of transactions annually. To avoid experiencing an overwhelming overload in medical billing tasks, it is recommended that you work with a medical billing service provider that possesses a proven capacity for medical billing and collections, correspondence, submission, and preparation. At Medi-Corp, Inc. we provide stellar pain management billing solutions to help drive exceptional business performance.

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What is Pain Management? - Understanding Pain Management

Before understanding what pain management is, it is important to know about pain clinics first. This is a type of health care facility that offers medical solutions to treat and manage intractable pain. Medical conditions that typically respond well to pain clinic services include carpal tunnel syndrome pain, shingle pain, migraine headaches, cancer, back pain, and arthritis. In many cases, primary care physicians refer their patients to pain clinics when conventional methods of pain relief have been exhausted.

Pain management comprises a combination of therapies, including nerve blocks, physical therapy, and medications. These treatments are offered at a pain clinic and are focused on the total person. This ensures that the patient takes an active role in managing their pain, which
allows them to regain control of their life.

Areas of Expertise | Pain Management Coding & Billing

Medi-Corp understands how to make financial billing easy for pain clinics.
Here is a quick look at our capabilities:

Pain Management Compliance Audits

Our general compliance counsel can help you submit your claims with unmatched degree of accuracy.

Coding solutions

ICD-10 Coding & Billing

We offer managed medical coding solutions to meet the demands of ICD-10.

Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations:

Learn how to maximize your contracts.

Pain Management Training & Education

Our company provides initial pain management provider education sessions for new groups.

Quality Measures Dashboard

Quality Measures Dashboard

Use our intuitive quality measures dashboard to make your billing work easy.

Getting Pain Management Services & Billing

Pain management is an extremely demanding field. A physician’s focus cannot be steered away from developing treatment approaches that are appropriate to each of their patient’s unique needs for pain treatment. That’s why, it is important for pain management providers to work with a reliable partner to accurately code and bill all their services. This way, they can receive payments faster, reduce cases of denials and rejections, and increase collections. By working with professionals, who possess the experience necessary to handle the complexities presented by this form of medical billing, you will ultimately enjoy the financial peace of mind you deserve.

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Why Work with Medi-Corp, Inc. for Your Pain Management Billing & Coding Needs?

If you are a pain management office manager, Medi-Corp has got you well-covered. Our team
possesses years of experience providing reliable medical billing services. We have the expertise to enhance the financial strength of our valued clients’ pain management practices, resulting in timely account reimbursement and billing. With our software, you can deliver superior quality of care to patients in the communities you serve.

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