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Surgeons are often reimbursed by third-party commercial insurers, Medicaid, and Medicare, for any medically necessary service that is provided to patients under their care At Medi-Corp, Inc., our team comprises professional medical billers who are knowledgeable about the contractual obligations and applicable regulations that govern the reimbursement of services provided by surgical centers.

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What Are Surgery Centers?

Surgical centers are healthcare facilities that specialize in the provision of medically-necessary surgical solutions to a patient, in an outpatient setting. These facilities are normally paid according to a unique set of standards and regulations under a contractual agreement with a private commercial health insurer or Medicare program
To ensure administrative accuracy, qualified medical coders are needed to assign CPT codes and review a patient’s medical record, to describe the surgical services performed. Another important medical billing task that surgical centers may come across is assembling the codes on a UB-04 claim form. This form is used as a global standard for billing outpatient services.

Areas of Expertise | Surgical Center Billing & Management

Medi-Corp is familiar with all matters related to surgical center billing. Check out what we can do for you:

Management solutions

Surgery Center Management Solutions

Since our inception, we have developed a proven capacity for managing the collections, correspondence, submission, and preparation for surgery centers with stellar efficiency.

Scheduling software

Surgery & Patient Scheduling Software

Take advantage of Medi-Corp’s best in class scheduling software for surgical centers.

Surgical home

Surgical Center Home

A user-friendly interface that provides our clients with a clear overview of their medical billing data.

Inventory management

Inventory Management

Our solutions are designed to help you achieve efficient surgical center inventory management and control.

Getting Surgery Center & ASC Billing Services

You should know that not every surgical service is payable under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System that governs surgical center reimbursement. Hence, it is recommended that you work closely with experts in the financial aspects of healthcare delivery. You will be able to effectively manage your managed care contract, make sure that your codes are in the correct order (to prevent loss of income), authorize and verify insurance, chart the best electronic pathway of claim submissions to payors, and utilize modifiers that meet payor guidelines.

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Why Work With Medi-Corp, Inc. For Your Surgical Center's Billing Needs?

Medi-Corp’s roots in the medical billing industry has allowed us to establish a reputation as the leading provider for surgical center billing. We continually strive to provide our valued clients with quality-driven services, e.g. collections and follow ups. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will touch every unpaid account until the balance is completely resolved. Our unmatched diligence and keen observation skills in surgical center billing assessments allow us to help our clients increase take home revenue.

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